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Tips and Products for Cleaning your Car

The car for many can become your most precious possession, we know how important it can become in our lives, take care and maintain it is a constant task because we want our car to always look shiny.
That is why we have prepared this small article with tips and products that you will easily find on the internet and that will help keep that special possession clean.
The board, the rugs, the rudder, the mirrors or the seats deserve as much attention as the outside. If you start inside, you will not forget to perform the cleaning that makes the difference, having the interior of a car will cause a great impression to the people who get on it. Use soft damp cloths to avoid scratching the board components and others; uses special products to wash the upholstery and carpets. The upholstery I recommend to wash it in a specialized place because it requires more care.
The first thing you should clean are the holes, the mats and the floor. If you can use an air compressor to blow dirt embedded in the mats, much better. If you do, not have one, you can use a powerful vacuum cleaner and a stiff brush to shake off dirt.
It cleans the air ducts and the vents, often the humidity accumulates in these areas causing bad odor, points the blower of the air to the conduits or passes a brush to remove the dust and others. This cleaning brush will serve you perfectly for such work, you can easily get it on Aliexpress.
After cleaning the inside of your car, start with the outside specifically with the tyres, avoid products that contain acids as the acidity can decrease the brightness and color of your tires.
The best tool to clean the body is a sponge. But do not use a detergent or dish soap as most do, since you will remove the protective wax layer. Instead you can use a specific shampoo to wash the car. Once you have cleaned the outside of your car, rinse with water and dry the surface with a microfiber towel to avoid damage the paint. We recommend this cleaning brush-sponge with which you can wash your vehicle without worrying about damaging the paint or scratching it. You can apply two coats of wax to keep the paint of your car looking like new.
The windows and mirrors of the car are the last elements that we will clean. We can use a sponge with a good product to clean glasses that does not contain ammonia, remove the product with a dry cloth and finally you could dry it with newspaper.
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