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360° Faucet Head

360° Faucet Head

360° Faucet Head

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Reduce water consumption in your home and improve the way you wash! It's possible with this amazing product!

The faucet head is equipped with 2 innovations that allow it to be the most efficient product when cleaning the dishes and to save up to 20% of water:
With 3 different pressure modes, you can choose the most suitable one. In addition, with its 360° rotating head you can direct the jet in any direction.



Why buy?

Water saving: you can adjust 3 different intensities of the jet and choose the most suitable one. This system optimizes the amount of water you need by reducing water consumption.

Increases the pressure of your tap: in 1 click you can switch from diffuser mode to jet mode, with more pressure to remove all the food debris on your plates, without having to rub. It also has a mixed mode.

    Optimized cleaning: The tap head can be rotated 360° with an inclination of up to 45°. In other words: it covers all angles. You can clean every corner of the sink and optimally direct the jet to clean your dishes and utensils without wasting a drop of water.

      Easy to install: Allows easy assembly by screwing. No water splashes.

      Very durable thanks to its premium materials (ABS and stainless steel).



      How to install?

      It is very easy to install. The product comes with white rubber fittings that fit your tap to ensure there are no leaks. It screws on like any other tap cover.


      Compatible Taps

      The faucet head is compatible with 98% of kitchen taps. 

      Still not convinced?

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